Top 10 Star Wars T-Shirt Designs

December 15th is going to be a big day for Star Wars Fans! It is the release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you are lucky you may be able to view the movie on December 14th as an early viewer. As a commemoration for the premier, we are going to rank the top 10 Star Wars T-shirt designs. The designs are chosen based on creativity, puns, and the fan art design. Continue with our countdown to see which design is our top pick!

#10: Starting off our countdown at number 10 is the Jedi in Training vs Wizard in Training! We are all waiting for the day that our parents reveal to us about our future paths! Will you get your Lightsaber and become a Jedi like your father or will you receive your letter from Hogwarts to become a powerful wizard! Which path would you choose?
Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 10 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#9: Lightsabers will be our choice for number 9 t-shirt designs. You can choose from Yoda (Green), Vader (Red), Blue (Luke), or Darth Maul (Dual-End Red). Which would you choose?

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 9 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#8: Stop, or you will be aimed at in your general direction by a StormTrooper! This t-shirt design lands number 8 on this count down! Keep running, chances of getting shot is highly unlikely! 😉

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 8 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#7: The Jedi Master and the Jedi in training t-shirt has the number 7 slot! Who wouldn’t want to dress their young padawans in this amazing t-shirt!

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 7 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#6: Talk to the hand Yoda will be number 6 on our list. If Master Yoda says to the hand you talk, it really is because he is not listening to you. Don’t piss off Master Yoda…

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 6 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#5: “Pew, Pew, Pew” is top 5 on our list! Oh the sounds of the lasers shooting away at the enemies!

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 5 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#4: Boba, It’s Cold Outside hits number 4 on our ranks. As the festive season is getting closer, it also means that it will start to get colder out too! Crossing our fingers that we aren’t waiting outside for the premier, or else I will have to say this line!

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 4 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#3: The Classic: “A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away” hits number 3 on this list of Star Wars Tee’s. It is the moment we know that the movie is starting and we sit back and read the screen!

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 3 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#2: Poop out the Stormtroopers! Be honest, if you didn’t chuckle a little when looking at this t-shirt, you are not pumped up enough for the upcoming movie! Who wouldn’t want to see AT-AT Walker pooping out Storm Troopers!

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 2 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

#1: Ranking at number 1 is the classic Star Wars T-shirt! Who doesn’t love the classic tee’s from Star Wars. It is featuring Boba Fet, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Storm Troopers, Luke, Yoda, Han Solo, and our personal favorite Chewy!

Custom Star Wars T-Shirt Design 1 | InksterPrints | Custom T-Shirts Philadelphia

Agree with our top 10 list? We want to know which t-shirt design will you rock at the premier!

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