Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) govern all use of the www.inksterprints.com website (the “Site”) and the services available on or at the Site (taken together with the Site, the “Service”). The Service is owned and operated by Inkster Inc. (“Inkster”). The Service is offered subject to your (the “User”) acceptance without modification of all of the terms and conditions contained herein and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on the Site by Inkster – including, without limitation, Shipping, Return Policy, Privacy Policy and others. If you do not agree this Agreement, do not use the Site.

  • You release us from any claims made as a result of any property rights infringement.
  • You hold the rights to commercially reproduce any designs that you have us print for you.
  • You understand that infringement of property rights is illegal. If you have any doubt as to the legal ownership of a design you should check with the rightful owner that you are able to use the design before uploading or using them.
  • You understand that we act under your instructions and that we are not obligated in any way to check or confirm the legal use of reproducing any designs.
  •  You agree to indemnify and defend Inkster for any claims made as a result of alleged infringements including copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, or other intellectual property claims, including any payments for damages sustained by a claimant and attorneys’ fees incurred by you to defend against any claims made.
  • Inkster reserves the right to abstain from printing any designs under suspicion of being an infringement upon intellectual property rights.
  •  You acknowledge the risks in using personal products for digital printing by Inkster.
  •  You relinquish all liability of Inkster in the event of possible damage, alteration, or accidental mistakes made to personal products.
  • In the event of an issue during production, Inkster reserves the right to deny a refund due to possible damage, alteration, or accidental mistakes made to your personal products.