10 Easy Tips on How to Organize a Baby Shower + Custom Shirt Ideas

The primary purpose of a baby shower or baby shower is to celebrate the arrival of the baby with relatives and friends. But the task of organizing a baby shower is not for the mother, but baby’s godmother, sister, friends, aunts, cousin the pregnant woman’s only job is to help in choosing the gifts, delicacies, guest list and being all beautiful and happy on the day of the party!

1 – Guestlist

The guest list is the first step in the organization, as all other levels depend on it to be defined.

-Will, the party, be for women only, or will men also be invited? It is more and more common for men to also participate in the baby shower, but when they do, the organization requires more care for everyone to have fun.

2 – Date, time, and duration

The date must be a weekend for everyone to participate in. If the weekend is already full, a Friday at 19: 30hrs can also be a good option.

The baby shower time is decided before or in conjunction with the location, as it will depend on the time to define the food and drinks.

The average duration of a baby shower is 2 hours, so the party will always be lively, and Mom will not be so tired. If any meal service, the time can be extended for another 1 hour.

3 – Location

The place can be the home of a friend, building hall, farm, club. The important thing is that all the guests behave, especially if you choose lunch, dinner, or barbecue you will need to have, in addition to chairs, tables to accommodate all participants.

4 – Menu

To define the food and drink, you will need to take into account:

  1. The schedule (can be a breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or even dinner or snacks at night);
  2. Who will be responsible for the food: will you or the guests be in charge of bringing food and drinks?
  3. Will there be an alcoholic drink?
  4. Don’t forget that napkins, cups, plates, cutlery, and other items to serve are the organizers’ responsibility!

5 – List of gifts

You are defining the gift list and who will take which item is a challenge. Ask the organizers for help to distribute them at random. If you are going to invite a couple, remember only to put one gift in the invitation.

Read our article Baby shower – gift list and download the pdf with suggestions of gifts and quantities for a traditional baby shower and baby shower.

If you give up the gifts but love to gather the class, ask the guests to contribute a can of powdered milk, donate to an orphanage or institution for needy children.

Another suggestion is to ask them to take the delicacies and drinks.

6 – Play

If you feel uncomfortable with some games (like painting your face, for example) already talk to the organizers, so there are no surprises. There are a thousand ways to play, and for sure several will please you.

Remember that your guests will probably not find fun paying monkeys either, giving them away will be the best way to honor them.

7 – Decoration theme

Defining the theme is quite fun because there are a thousand ways to decorate the party! It can be clothesline (latest fashion) of paper or fabric, teddy bear, pacifier, doll, pregnant, world of sweets, stork

Another idea is, instead of thinking about a theme, define only the colors of the decoration: pink and brown, blue and white, Lila

8 – Invitation

There, after completing the seven steps above, you are ready to choose the invitations and place all the information.

If you choose to have the invitations delivered by hand, remember to read them promptly so that guests’ schedules to go – 1 month is most appropriate.

A beautiful and convenient option is the virtual invitation to be sent by email. Of course, virtual messages, paper invitations will be provided for those guests who do not master the art of the Internet or even who spend weeks without looking at the email.

Information in the invitations:

  • Name of the guest or guests (if it is only the woman or for the whole family)
  • Date and time
  • Location

9 – Decoration

For this stage, what matters is creativity and how much you are willing to invest.

A thousand ideas are ranging from the most straightforward decoration, with some balloons, ornaments, and sweets, to the mega decorations produced by a company or specialized professional. Set the value, and it’s time to search!

Within the decoration item, it is also necessary to decide:

  • Cake: it can be a diaper, set or real;
  • Sweets: they can be themed or simpler like brigadeiros and kisses;
  • Party favors: not a mandatory item, but besides being a treat for the guests, they give a charm to the decoration.

Party favors can be as simple as a thank you card or go the extra mile and get a group shirt or even a matching shirt. It might sound elaborate, but Inksterprints.com can make this simple and effortless with the many designs we have already:

10 – Get ready for the party to start

The organization of the baby shower practically complete; there are only a few details to start the party:

  1. Set aside a place to leave gifts that should not open on time. Have labels and pen in hand to write down the name of the person who brought the award (if there is no joke for mom to guess);
  2. One of the organizers should welcome the guests
  3. The ideal is that the pregnant woman is already at the party when the guests arrive so that they can greet her without queues and riots.

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