How T-Shirts can make you a lot of money for little investment

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There may be no better way to make some extra cash than with a t-shirt business. T-shirts are one thing that is essential to everyone’s wardrobe. Even if you aren’t someone who wears them every day or even every week, everyone has at least a couple shirts in their collection that they hold dear. Even for the most fashionable dresser t-shirts can act as a bold piece to make a statement or show off a favorite brand. The rise in modern street-wear culture certainly has a hand in this and these are the trends that aren’t going away any time soon.

Maybe you are interested in starting up a small business of your own or maybe you are part of a large brand looking to expand your marketing reach, but either way t-shirts are a very lucrative way for you to bring in some extra cash.

Large Profit, Little Expense

One of the best things about selling shirts is the small initial expense. While most of us are used to buying shirts in the $15-$30 dollar range, when buying in bulk the prices go down significantly. For average quality cotton shirts you could be paying as little as $1-$2 dollars per shirt. Even for a higher quality shirt your price per shirt will likely never go above $10 provided you are buying in bulk. This means on your first sales you could be pulling in an easy $10-$20 in pure profit. 

The rest of your equipment is where is real investment comes in. A vinyl cutter will run you a few hundred dollars and the heat press will be a few hundred more on top of that. While those numbers might seem a little intimidating for someone just starting up their small or home business, with enough time and effort all of that equipment will start to pay for itself.

Free Advertising!

Possibly the biggest advantage to selling t-shirts is that they can essentially provide free advertising for your business. For a large company their low expense can make them a great marketing tool. Clothing is one of the first things people notice about others and an eye catching T-shirt can really make an impression. That impression can be insanely valuable to growing your business.

Every time someone is seen wearing a shirt with your company’s name and logo on the front your brand awareness increases. According to research from the ad specialty institute, the average t-shirt is worn 4-5 times a month and is seen 365 times a month. That means 365 people, per shirt, per month being exposed to your brand. That is a huge amount of brand awareness that any company big or small would be foolish to miss out on. 

Emotional Value

The last reason I’ll give for why t-shirts offer great ROI is the emotional value that they can have to their owner. That might sound silly to some, but when you really think about it, almost everyone has a shirt or two that has been around a while that they feel some level of attachment to. Just like anything someone has owned for a long time a good t-shirt can really start to have emotional value to a person over time. The advantage to this is that it increases brand loyalty and can create a sort of ‘bond’ between the business and the customer. This can greatly increase both word of mouth marketing and repeat business.

As profitable and as great as an investment as selling t-shirts is there is plenty more to learn both about the marketing and the printing process itself. For all of that check out some of our other blogs here on

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