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What Is the Best Free Website Builder?

So you’re trying to build a website. It’s about time! Whether you’re making a site for yourself,
your business, or your indie post-punk noise rock band, there are some things you should mull over.
Figure out your budget and how user-friendly you’d like your website builder to be. If you need
a free website builder, you’ve got options, but you may have to pay for it sooner or later—with money
or regret. That’s why we did the work for you, so you can figure out which free website builder is the
best fit for you.

Tried-and- true website builders like WordPress have been around for a while, and for good
reason. WordPress is a powerful tool for building a good website. However, although the software’s
free, you have to provide your own domain and hosting, which is certainly not free. WordPress is
remarkably flexible when it comes to making your site look how you want, but unless you’re familiar
with its layout and how to use it, there’s a bit of a learning curve. You can always pay a tech person to
help you out there, but again, not free.
Wix is another popular website builder, and its basic package is free. Free is good. Because it’s
free, though, you’ll have to deal with advertisements on your site—not always the best look. But it
definitely seems the people at Wix made a point to be as user-friendly as possible (e.g. a nifty drag-and-
drop tool). Wix is wonderful for a non-tech- savvy person to navigate as they piece together the jigsaw
that is their web presence. What’s also great about Wix is how it’s constantly improving and adding
more features—but to some all the design options may be overwhelming.

Weebly, yet another free-or- cheap option in the website building game, is probably the least
popular of the three website builders whose name begins with ‘W’. But don’t let that scare you away;
Weebly is extremely user-friendly, utilizing a drag-and- drop feature like Wix, and is also notable for how
quickly your content can go from an idea to a webpage ripe for public consumption within minutes.
For more website inspiration (webspiration?), check out the Inkster Prints website and see how
well we built ours. We’re so proud!

[Link to Inkster Prints website]
In short (skip to this part if you don’t want to read all this), WordPress, Wix, and Weebly are all
great website builders with their own pros and cons. Weighing these pros and cons against each other
will help you decide which free website builder to use.
There are numerous website builders out there. Not all of them are free of course, but you’re
free to choose whether or not you want to pay for one. Just remember: you get what you pay for. Happy

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